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About us

Zero Energy Development or ZED for short is a business to business IoT solution provider. With more than 30 years of combined research experience in Wireless and Batteryless technologies, ZED enables enterprises to harness the potential of the next generation of IoT applications.

From large scale predictive maintenance to precision agriculture, or from perpetual weather stations to inventory management. ZED specializes in customizing solutions based on the clients needs and aids in a seamless integration into existing systems.

By harvesting the ambient energy from its surroundings ZED’s solutions don't require batteries, greatly reducing both the material and maintenance costs. This reduction in costs enables new large scale applications not seen before.


The team

Our multinational multidisciplinary team comprises scientists, engineers and commercial experts who bring years of technical and commercial experience to the table. As shown in the figure above, we follow a horizontal organizational structure. The people who build ZED consist of:

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